Bodily Injury & Fatalities


The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) supports your return to normal activities as soon as possible after the accident. If your injuries are too severe to do so, PIPP helps you find alternatives.

Key Points

Our goal is to help you to resume your normal pre-accident activities as much as possible. To assist your recovery and offset economic hardship, we provide compensation for treatment costs and a range of economic losses.

Rehabilitation coverage includes, where appropriate:

  • home renovations
  • transportation assistance and vehicle modifications
  • services, such as assessments and treatment by specialized health care practitioners
  • equipment such as specialized kitchen aids

The type of rehabilitation assistance you receive depends on many factors, including your medical condition, employment options, retraining possibilities and progress towards recovery.

If you can't return to your pre-accident job, we'll help you identify other employment options. Again, the kind of help we'll provide depends on the circumstances. The options could include job search assistance, on-the-job training or other training.

The medical/rehabilitation team recommends appropriate rehabilitation strategies in a Rehabilitation Plan. The team includes you, your doctor and your case manager. Manitoba Public Insurance makes decisions about rehabilitation funding.