Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Criminal Code Convictions

In general, the Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) covers injuries from an accident, no matter who caused it or how it happened. But if the person is convicted of certain Criminal Code offences related to the accident, all benefits for that individual will be terminated.

This applies to individuals who, under the Canadian Criminal Code, are convicted of:

  • auto theft
  • flight from a peace officer
  • theft where the property is a stolen motor vehicle
  • taking a motor vehicle without consent

In all of the above instances, both the driver and the passengers who are convicted for such offenses would have their benefits terminated.

There are other Criminal Code offences for which income replacement will be reduced for the first 12 months following the accident. In these cases, two factors will affect how much less the income replacement will be:

  • fault
  • number of dependents

If a person is convicted in the United States for a crime related to the accident, it will have the same impact on income replacement as if the offence occurred in Canada.

No income replacement will be paid to a person who is in prison.