Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Multiple Impairments and Impairments From Before the Accident

If you have more than one impairment from the accident, we will factor together the percentages for the different impairments to establish the amount of the payment. This is more complicated than simply adding the percentages together.

George was in a serious car accident. His injuries healed within a few months but he has permanent deep scars on his left leg and loss of mobility in his left shoulder. He also has a permanent scar above his left eye. We take the per cent for each impairment and then determine the adjusted per cent to use to establish the permanent impairment payment.

When you had a pre-existing impairment before the accident, an additional impairment might have more serious consequences for you. We take this into account when calculating the permanent impairment payment.

Anne broke her right ankle in a workplace accident, resulting in a permanent loss of mobility in that ankle. A year later, she suffered serious damage to her left knee in a car accident, resulting in permanent impairment to her knee. Anne will receive an enhanced permanent impairment payment to compensate her fairly for the impact of the accident on her mobility.