Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Residual Earning Capacity

Sometimes, an accident causes injuries that prevent you from returning to exactly the same kind of full-time work you had before the accident. However, in many instances, people are still capable of working at a different type of job. The insurance industry refers to this as "residual earning capacity." This means you can still earn income, although not necessarily in the same kind of job or at the same pay level as before the accident.

We'll determine an employment for you if, two years after the accident:

  • you're able to work, full or part-time
  • you've recovered as much as you are likely to recover from injuries sustained in the accident
  • you've explored viable employment rehabilitation options and can't return to either the kind of work you were doing at the time of the accident or the employment we determined for you 180 days after the accident

We'll use certain criteria to determine the type of work you're able to do two years or longer after the accident.

The determined employment will be full-time employment, unless you can only work part-time because of injuries sustained in the accident. It will also be based on employment normally available where you live.

We identify the type of employment that best matches your skills, training and post-accident abilities and capacity. Before we determine employment, a case manager will meet you to answer your questions. Once we officially inform you, in writing, of the employment determination, you begin the "job search year."