Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Treatment Expenses

Manitoba Health provides primary health care coverage when you're injured in an accident. When you need additional treatment to fully recover, PIPP extends the health care safety net, paying for medically required treatment by a medical practitioner or prescribed by a physician and not paid for by any government health care program.

PIPP covers care by a dentist, optometrist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, registered psychologist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or athletic therapist.

Some treatments are only covered when performed by certain health care professionals. For example, PIPP covers acupuncture only when it's done by an accredited:

  • medical doctor
  • physiotherapist
  • chiropractor
  • dentist

Massage therapy is only covered when done by a physician, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, physiotherapist or athletic therapist.

Most physiotherapists and chiropractors bill Manitoba Public Insurance directly for accident-related treatments. This means there is no direct cost to you. PIPP covers these treatments provided they're medically necessary because of your injuries from the accident.

We must authorize dental treatment before treatment begins, except for emergency dental work just after the accident.

Your case manager can confirm that a specific treatment is covered. If in doubt, please check with us before starting treatment.