Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Travel Expenses to and from Treatment or Medical Appointments

PIPP covers the costs of travel to and from medical appointments and treatments that are necessary because of injuries sustained in the accident.

We reimburse:

  • Travel - at the government of Manitoba rate - when you drive your vehicle, or a friend or family member drives you, to a medical appointment. Please refer to the PIPP Benefits outline for the current reimbursement rate.
  • Parking costs when you use a private vehicle to go to a medical appointment.
  • Public transportation costs.
  • Taxi or passenger vehicle for hire costs if you can't drive yourself and public transport isn't available or appropriate. You must receive pre-approval from your case manager to be eligible for this reimbursement.
  • Travel and accommodation costs for someone to accompany you to medical appointments or treatment if your age or your mental or physical condition prevents you from going alone.

You can choose where you want to receive medical care. However, PIPP limits coverage for travel expenses to a medical appointment or treatment to a maximum of 100 kilometres each way when similar care is available closer to your home.

Norma lives in a farming community south of Brandon. She's seeing a chiropractor twice a week for treatment of neck pain resulting from a car accident. Although there's a chiropractor in a town 20 kilometres away, Norma prefers to see a chiropractor in Brandon, which is 110 kilometres away. We'll cover Norma's travel expenses up to a maximum of 200 kilometres (maximum of 100 kilometres each way) per visit.