Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Medical & Personal Expenses

The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) reimburses expenses medically required because of the accident. It also reimburses you for certain personal expenses resulting from the accident, including travel costs associated with medical treatment.

You're expected to work towards your recovery and to participate fully in the rehabilitation program that your health care team believes will help you.

In principle, PIPP covers medical treatment expenses for as long as they're necessary. However, costs won't be covered indefinitely when a treatment shows no signs of helping you. At some point, we may ask you to consult another medical practitioner and try a different type of treatment.

Key Points

PIPP covers medical, personal and travel expenses related to the injury resulting from the accident. These expenses will only be reimbursed after a claim has been filed with us.

We pay medical practitioners, dentists and other health care providers directly in most cases. The amount covered is set in a fee schedule, established in consultation with the professional organization of the health care provider.

PIPP pays for medical treatment that contributes to your recovery and rehabilitation. It doesn't pay for treatment that has no measurable benefit to you.

Medical treatment unrelated to your injuries sustained in the accident is not covered.

If you use your own car or a family member or friend drives you to your medical appointments or treatment, car travel expenses are reimbursed. Please check with your Case Manager for the rate.

Depending on your situation, PIPP may also reimburse you for parking, public transportation or taxi and passenger vehicle for hire costs to attend medical treatment. Taxi and passenger vehicle for hire costs are only covered if you receive pre-approval from your Case Manager.

Include legible copies of your original receipts when submitting a claim for medical and personal expenses. Do not include the original receipts as they cannot be returned.