Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Additional benefits

If you've been catastrophically injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible for some of the following additional benefits:

More for personal care

PIPP already covers the expense of hiring someone to care for you if your injuries prevent you from caring for yourself. There is a monthly limit paid for approved personal care related to non-catastrophic injuries under the current guidelines. Customers who are catastrophically injured and have already used that monthly limit may also be eligible for payment towards additional related expenses per month.

Payment for special circumstances (Transitional Expense Coverage)

PIPP allows payments to catastrophically-injured claimants under the following special circumstances:

  • To provide temporary benefits while a claimant is waiting for funds from a government program.
  • To cover an expense not normally paid under PIPP or another government program that will lead to less PIPP benefits being needed in the longer term.

These payments are made at the discretion of Manitoba Public Insurance.

Travel and accommodation

To ensure you are still able to enjoy many of your pre-accident activities, PIPP will help pay for any extraordinary accommodation expenses you may have as a result of the catastrophic injuries sustained. For example, if you require an aide to travel with you to visit an out-of-town relative, PIPP would cover their expenses.

Acquisition of a motor vehicle

PIPP may also provide funds to acquire a passenger car, truck or van that has been adapted for use by a catastrophically injured customer, either as a driver or as a passenger. For example, if you are constantly required to use a wheelchair as a result of your catastrophic injuries from the accident, PIPP may assist with funds towards the purchase of a passenger van with a wheelchair lift.

New life events

PIPP covers any new events you choose to participate in as a result of life events such as marriage or the birth of a child. For example, if, after you are catastrophically injured in an accident, you marry and your spouse owns a cottage, PIPP will pay for renovations to make it accessible to you.

Attendant care for employment

PIPP may pay for attendant care to allow a catastrophically-injured customer to go back to work.

Indexed benefits

Each year, Manitoba Public Insurance will increase the benefits listed in this section, based on the rate of inflation.