Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Adults Who Can't Work

The Caregiver Weekly Indemnity and the reimbursement of caregiver expenses are available if you can't care for a person over the age of 16 who is regularly unable to work for whatever reason - such as a mental or physical disability - when you were caring for that person at the time of the accident. We consider the answers to the following questions to determine if an adult is unemployable and relies on your care:

  • Is the person unable to hold employment?
  • What type of care were you providing to this person?
  • How do the accident injuries prevent you from providing this care?

Laura's mother has Alzheimer's disease and has been living with Laura for the last year. Laura is able to hold employment outside the home but chooses to provide care for her mother instead. She has been preparing meals for her mother and going with her whenever she needs to leave the house for fresh air or appointments. Laura was injured in a car accident and now can't care for her mother because of the injuries. Laura is eligible for the Caregiver Weekly Indemnity.