Bodily Injury & Fatalities

Manitoba Public Insurance Internal Review

If you choose to appeal our decision, our Internal Review Office, which is completely independent of the Claims department, conducts your review.

You can get a copy of the Application for Review of Injury Claim Decision form from your case manager. If you have any questions about your application or the internal review process itself, you can speak with a member of the Internal Review Office. To do so, you can call the Internal Review Office at 204-985-8000 in Winnipeg or toll free outside Winnipeg at 1-800-493-9993.

On the form, describe the decision you want to have reviewed and the reasons why you believe it's wrong. You can include documents, such as a doctor's report, to support your position. If you don't have the documents to attach to the form, list the documents that you'll be sending later.

The review officer won't start the review until your documents have been received. Remember that you must ask for the review within 60 days of receiving your case manager's decision.

If you'd like to meet with the review officer to explain your situation, check the box marked "hearing" on the Application for Review form. The Internal Review Office will contact you to set up a meeting. You can bring someone with you to this meeting or ask someone to represent you at it. You can also arrange a time to talk to the review officer on the telephone.

Whether or not you choose to speak to the review officer, he or she will thoroughly examine your file. The review officer can also conduct an investigation to get more information.

The review officer can overrule your case manager's decision, change it or decide that it's right. You'll receive the review officer's decision by registered mail. If you don't want to accept this decision, you can appeal it to the Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission (AICAC). You have 90 days from the time you receive the review officer's decision to write to AICAC and request an appeal.