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Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission

The Automobile Injury Compensation Appeal Commission (AICAC) is a special tribunal operating completely outside of Manitoba Public Insurance. Commissioners are appointed by the Manitoba government and administered by the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs.

It's the next step in your Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) entitlement appeal process, if you've pursued and rejected the findings of our internal review officer.

To file an appeal with the AICAC, phone their office directly at 204-945-4155. The AICAC staff will explain how to complete the Notice of Appeal form and remind you to send the form back to them within 90 days from the time your received the internal review officer's decision.

You can seek assistance from the Claimant Adviser Office to prepare your appeal.

The AICAC's decision on your case is final, except in limited circumstances where you may be able to appeal AICAC's decision to the Court of Appeal. You'll need approval from a judge of the Court of Appeal to pursue this option.