About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission:

Exceptional coverage and service, affordable rates and safer roads through public auto insurance.

Our vision:

Manitoba Public Insurance will be a leader in automobile insurance and driver services, providing Manitobans with guaranteed access to superior products, coverage and value. We will anticipate and meet the evolving needs of Manitobans. We are dedicated to offering province-wide accessibility and, in co-operation with our business partners, will perform at the highest attainable levels of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Manitoba Public Insurance will make our roadways safer by enforcing standards for drivers and vehicles, and by raising awareness of the inherent risk of driving. We will develop educational programs and controls that help and encourage Manitobans to acquire the skills to avoid collisions.

Our people will deliver knowledgeable service with care, efficiency and justifiable pride, and will be appropriately recognized for their contributions in helping the Corporation achieve its goals. Manitoba Public Insurance will be one of the best and most inclusive places in the province to work and pursue a career, where people will deliver knowledgeable and caring services in new and innovative ways.

We will ensure Manitobans understand and support the unique contribution Manitoba Public Insurance makes to the province of Manitoba.

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