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Manitoba Public Insurance is a corporate leader in recycling and putting recycled goods to active use – in a wide variety of ways.

Vehicles that are written off following a collision are sold to automobile parts recyclers and the general public, then rebuilt or used for parts. Our salvage operation sells roughly 30,000 total loss vehicles each year. At an average of 3,500 pounds per vehicle, that equals more than 105 million pounds (or 52,500 tons) of vehicles sold. That's comparable to the weight of the Titanic!

All pre-1995 vehicles are separated from the salvage sales, crushed and sold for scrap. This helps prevent less efficient and higher emission vehicles from being operated.

If you took all of the vehicles we sell or crush annually and lined them up on the ground, they would stretch 143 kilometres – roughly the distance from Winnipeg to Carberry!

Brandon-Carberry-Winnipeg Route Map

If you stacked them on top of each other, the pile would extend 48 kilometres into the air. That's the approximate altitude of the ozone layer – and six times the height of Mount Everest!

We also recycle approximately 87,000 auto parts annually. At an average of 15 pounds per part, that's roughly 1.3 million pounds (650 tons) of auto parts we recycle each year.

What else weighs 650 tons?

  • Two 747 jumbo jets
  • 72 Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs
  • 108 adult male elephants

Our auto parts recycling process is both environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible. In the last calendar year, Manitoba Public Insurance saved over $15 million by using recycled parts over new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

Why is this so important?

It’s important because auto recycling is something that affects us all. No other product on the planet is recycled more than an automobile and the resulting savings in energy, raw materials and pollution is enormous. By substituting low-sulphur scrap metal for high-sulphur raw ore, we’re able to reduce a steel mill’s air pollution by as much as 86 per cent – and their water pollution by 76 per cent.

Did you know? Worldwide, recycled auto parts save an estimated 80 million barrels of oil annually that would be required to produce new parts.

Manitoba Public Insurance also has expanded recycling programs for paper, metal and plastic containers in the majority of our facilities. All scrap metal items are sent to a local metal recycler, where they are then disassembled and materials of value are recovered. Additionally, paints, solvents, lubricants and other fluid waste produced during vehicle repair research are stored in an outdoor enclosure and kept until sufficient quantities are built up. They are then sent for recycling or appropriate treatment and disposal.

When it comes to electronics, we proudly donate all old computers and related components to Computers for Schools, who refurbish the equipment and provide them to schools throughout the province. We also have collection boxes at all locations allowing employees an easy and convenient means of recycling batteries and battery powered electronics from home.

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