About Us

Texting and Driving Simulator


  • Participants experience the dangers of texting and driving in a safe environment. They control an on-screen vehicle with a steering wheel and gas and brake pedals while sending and receiving texts with their smartphone.
  • When the simulation is over, participants see the results of their driving, including a list of the driving errors they made along the way, are asked to pledge to not text and drive, and can share their experience via social media.

Target audience:

  • Teens and young adults from ages 15 to 25.


  • To demonstrate the dangers of texting and driving and educate young drivers that, besides being illegal, it is not possible to drive safely while texting.


  • Each participant uses the simulator for 10 minutes. Demonstrations at community events and larger-scale activities are done on a walk-up basis.


  • Area/Surface: About 10 feet x 10 feet on any type of level surface, indoor use only.
  • Attendance: Minimum of 15 people.
  • Other: 120 volt power outlet, Wi-Fi connection, participants must have their own smartphone.