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Drinking, Driving and Fatal Vision


  • Participants wear Fatal Vision goggles and perform simple hand/eye motor skill tests. The visual impairment leads to their eventual frustration.

Target audience:

  • Teens and adults.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women, children, people with health problems or people who get motion sickness easily.


  • To demonstrate the influence of alcohol on the senses and to show the dangers of driving while impaired.


  • Each participant is put through co-ordination exercises of three to five minutes each. These include ball toss, walking a straight line and walking or driving a pedal car through an obstacle course. Demonstrations at community events and larger-scale activities are done on a walk-up basis.


  • Area/Surface: About 10 feet x 30 feet on any type of surface, indoor or outdoor (flooring, grass, pavement)
  • Attendance: Minimum of 15 people
  • Other: A table or stand