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Cycle Safely Bike Rodeo


  • A two-part bicycle safety presentation involving both theory and practice:
  • Part 1 Theory component: Children learn about rules of the road (signs, signaling and safety tips), helmet fit, bike fit and bike condition.
  • Part 2 Practical component: In a large area - preferably outdoors - children practise riding skills, such as turning, braking, use of hand signals and recognizing road signs, on three different courses.

Target audience:

  • School classes, Grades 1 to 4.
  • Children from ages six to 10.


  • To educate students about bicycle safety and becoming responsible road users.


  • Each bicycle safety presentation is one hour (30 minutes of theory and 30 minutes of on-course bicycle riding).

If more than one class or group of children is participating, one theory presentation will be scheduled for the entire group. The children will then be scheduled for the practical course by grade or in groups of 25 to 30.


  • Area/Surface:
  • Theory component: A quiet, indoor area, such as a gym, multipurpose room, library or classroom, suitable for the number of participants.
  • Practical component: An outdoor paved area 90 feet x 90 feet (approximately the size of a basketball court) is preferred. A grass surface is not sufficient. In case of rain, the practical course can be set up in a gym/indoor community centre or arena.
  • Attendance: Minimum of 30 students.
  • Bikes: Each child must provide their own bicycle. If not all children have bikes, they can share. We suggest grouping children with a partner of the same height. Please note that at least half the students need to bring a bike for the rodeo to be successful.
  • Helmets: It’s the law in Manitoba that anyone under 18 must wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet while cycling. Helmets are mandatory for all children participating in the practical course.
  • Other: A teacher/organizer must be present to supervise the children.

To request a Bike Rodeo, please fill out the online booking form.

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