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Public consultation: Setting your Autopac premium

At Manitoba Public Insurance, our mission is to provide “exceptional coverage and service, affordable rates and safer roads through public auto insurance.” We want to make sure that we deliver on this mandate now and into the future. This includes obtaining your important views on how vehicle insurance rates are determined in Manitoba.

The Public Utilities Board has ordered that we review the DSR model and parts of the Autopac premium rating system to make sure the rates charged to our customers reflect their risk as best as possible, are fair and equitable, and that overall, the premiums collected continue to be adequate to cover the costs of auto insurance claims.

Our objective is to determine if there is a more accurate and fair way to charge premium based on driver risk. As part of the review, we have committed to consult with you – the public – regarding how you believe driving records, as defined by the DSR scale, should be applied to vehicle policies, particularly in cases where more than one driver uses a vehicle.

As part of a public consultation process, we welcome your input on our current method of applying DSR ratings in pricing insurance coverage and on potential alternatives we are considering to ensure fairness to all Manitobans.

Discussion paper

To help you understand the DSR system and how it is currently applied to determine your vehicle insurance rates, we have created a discussion paper for your review. It explains the current DSR system, but also provides descriptions of four alternative ways that the DSR system could be applied to determine driver and vehicle insurance premiums. These alternatives highlight certain values more than others. We are seeking your feedback on these alternatives.

You can read the discussion paper here.

Sharing your views

There are a number of ways you can share your views on our Autopac premium consultation.

Online survey

Please participate in our short online survey here. We expect it will take approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on your responses.

Other methods

You may also send written submissions to Manitoba Public Insurance:

By email: MPIResearch@mpi.mb.ca

By post:

Autopac Premium Consultation

Manitoba Public Insurance

Box 6300

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4A4

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