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Corporate Merchandise

Manitoba Public Insurance also supports communities throughout Manitoba with donations of corporate merchandise.

Please see below for more information.

If you have any questions about corporate merchandise, please email promotionalmerchandise@mpi.mb.ca.



Distribution Guidelines

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Promotional merchandise is a direct promotional tool that offers the Corporation the ability to target messaging, create goodwill and foster loyalty. Manitoba Public Insurance uses merchandise bearing corporate identification where there is an opportunity for return on investment through the following means:

1. advertising

Promotional items are a form of direct advertising that extend the reach and frequency of exposure to Manitoba Public Insurance’s other forms of product and/or image advertising. The initial recipient can be a specific demographic target whom we reach in a personal way by offering a desirable, useful item as a gift. Thereafter, the recipient acts as a endorser amongst his or her peer group by using or wearing the Manitoba Public Insurance branded item.

  • venues: Manitoba Public Insurance supported trade shows, dinners, fairs and festivals
  • prizes: incentives to provide information via an entry form – demographic, product preference or safety behaviour information, feedback on corporate initiatives or targeted mailing list information
  • point of contact: incentive or reward for road safety behaviour

2. community responsibility

Manitoba Public Insurance helps to create an economic and social environment where its employees, customers and partners will thrive, which in turn contributes to Manitoba Public Insurance’s own long-term success. Corporate merchandise may either support or be used in lieu of other forms of donation or sponsorship and provides an opportunity for an advertising or social marketing message. Donations of corporate merchandise are especially useful in providing the Corporation with opportunities to support communities at the grassroots level, which may not qualify for charitable financial support. Donations of corporate merchandise are often used to support community clubs, amateur sports teams and one-off community fundraisers, especially in rural areas.

The Corporation donates corporate merchandise to enhance its reputation in the community to serve the following purposes:

  • reactive messaging: Community groups ask for donations of merchandise to provide evidence to participants that Manitoba Public Insurance is a community partner that shares the recipient’s concern for their specific issue.
  • proactive messaging: Manitoba Public Insurance may sell a highly desired item, or tickets to win the item, and donate the proceeds to a strategically selected charity or community group. Manitoba Public Insurance thereby demonstrates community leadership and alignment with the group’s values.
  • building awareness: Distributing message-imprinted items to the public may result in developing greater awareness of the corporate messages and enhanced corporate credibility as the message is tacitly endorsed by the recipients amongst their peer group.

3. road safety messaging

  • Donating/distributing items with an anti-impaired driving message at events focused on drinking may touch individuals at the moment of decision, when they are most vulnerable to behaviour change in response to the message.
  • Promising message-imprinted items to a cynical audience (e.g. teenage students) prior to a Manitoba Public Insurance presentation may enhance attention and the later exposure of the items to the “winners'” peers may assist in retention and recall of the message.
  • Distributing merchandise to reward people for exhibiting proper road safety behaviour or knowledge (e.g. seat belt or bicycle helmet use) may reinforce their commitment to that behaviour.

4. strategic relationships

  • Manitoba Public Insurance may create co-branded merchandise, cost-shared with strategic business partners (e.g. annual calendar) to support them in their endeavors and to reduce advertising costs for all parties.
  • Manitoba Public Insurance may use corporate merchandise as a gift to demonstrate the value we place on a strategic individual or corporate relationship while also fostering loyalty.
  • Corporate merchandise may be offered as a reward to community volunteers who assist in delivering road safety messages and initiatives.
  • Media may be offered small take-aways that will assist in generating interest in a story or in improving their understanding of Manitoba Public Insurance.

5. support of sponsorships/trade shows

The initial cost of a sponsorship or trade show is considered the “entrance fee” for access to an audience. Additional measures are required to attract attention within that venue, deliver a message and reinforce a memorable presence and lasting association with the event. Where Manitoba Public Insurance is a lead sponsor, additional expenditures in support of the investment may be up to double the sponsorship fee, including signage, service in-kind, supplemental advertising, merchandise giveaways, etc. Support costs are normally proportionately lower when the level of sponsorship is lower.


Manitoba Public Insurance corporate merchandise will not be donated to:

  • assist in raising funds for personal gain or commercial pursuit (e.g. wedding socials, mission or school, etc.)
  • private companies
  • assist in raising funds for fraternal, political, religious or racist organizations
  • private clubs
  • organizations that have a negative relationship with their employees, customers, communities or government
  • community club sports teams, including teams that involve employees or employees’ children or other relatives
  • sporting events in Winnipeg that do not deliver a Manitoba Public Insurance road safety message
  • sporting events in rural Manitoba that do not involve a registered charity

Distribution Guidelines

Approval/decline decisions are made based on:

  • maximum of one request per external organization per fiscal year (i.e. if multiple events are anticipated in a year, our response is based on the overall plan for the year)
  • alternate methods of distribution being considered (e.g. draw versus one per participant) to minimize costs and maintain long-term perception of value based on scarcity
  • type of event
  • number and type of participants (audience)
  • equitable distribution throughout the province
  • who other sponsors or donors are and what they are donating or distributing
  • Manitoba Public Insurance's relationship with the organization, for example:
  • history of donating to/sponsoring the organization
  • strength/obligations of the strategic partnership
  • sufficient “other” Manitoba Public Insurance support that would excuse us from participating in the current request, donation of merchandise that would excuse us from contributing money or service in-kind
  • Manitoba Public Insurance’s presence at the event via sponsorship or employee attendance that permits us to control distribution, or organization acting as a “franchisee” of our message, delivering it at venues we don’t have the resources to attend in person
  • Manitoba Public Insurance's sponsorship of the event requiring direct marketing to entrench our presence or ownership
  • organization’s reputation
  • employee involvement with the organization
  • fit with Manitoba Public Insurance’s mandate
  • strategic opportunity to deliver a product or road safety message or tangibly support a desired behaviour
  • preference to recognize community volunteers versus distribution to people who are being paid to attend an event
  • budget and time constraints

All requests, whether approved or declined, will be responded to in a timely manner, providing a reasonable amount of time has been given to evaluate the request.

Requests for a merchandise donation must be received in writing, at least two weeks in advance of the event to ensure adequate time for consideration, documentation, providing/ordering merchandise and making delivery arrangements.

Where faster turnaround is required, decisions are made by the supervisor, Community Relations based on:

  • organization’s ability to attract other donors
  • strength of opportunity/reach for Manitoba Public Insurance
  • availability of appropriate merchandise
  • purpose is recognition of volunteers versus other uses
  • supports employee involvement

In general, merchandise donation recipients are responsible for picking up and signing for the merchandise.