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Community Contributions

Our Community Contributions Policy and Procedures ensure a consistent and objective approach to corporate contributions and provide accountability for funding decisions made in support of community organizations.

Please see below for more information.

To request funding from Manitoba Public Insurance for an event, program or project, complete the Request for Funding form.

If you have any questions, please email the Community Relations department.


Manitoba Public Insurance takes tremendous pride in supporting and enhancing the quality of life in communities throughout Manitoba. The criteria developed provide accountability for funding decisions made in support of community organizations. These expenditures and commitments are considered a corporate investment.

The community contributions criteria address opportunities to heighten customer and industry partner awareness of Manitoba Public Insurance and its corporate values, including contributions to the community and achievement of business objectives. They ensure that Manitoba Public Insurance receives a return on investment in terms of recognition, goodwill and/or product and message placement. The criteria also eliminate the duplication of funding requests or conflicting funding actions that may arise in other departments throughout the Corporation.

This policy governs Community Contributions related to the following three categories:

Corporate Sponsorships – Community Support

Contributions that demonstrate the Corporation’s commitment to supporting and enhancing the quality of life in communities throughout the province. Examples include arts/cultural sponsorships as well as local community fairs and festivals.

Corporate Sponsorships – Business Partnerships

Contributions that promote strong relationships with business stakeholders. Examples include funding arrangements to support the insurance industry, professional associations, and police services.

Corporate SRE Sponsorships

Agreements specifically intended to support the Special Risk Extension line of business.

The Road Safety Programming Contributions Policy is a separate policy that covers funding for road safety initiatives that are now evaluated, funded and handled separately from the Corporate Sponsorships listed above.

Road safety promotion agreements are also covered under a separate policy, administered and funded by the Advertising department.


Manitoba Public Insurance’s fiscal year is March 1 to the end of February. Funding budgets for the operating year are set in September. Community organizations seeking financial support are asked to contact the Corporation at least 60 days prior to the event or program. Proposals requiring approval by the Corporation’s Board of Directors are subject to additional assessment and evaluation criteria based on their fit with the Corporation’s core business interests.

Manitoba Public Insurance evaluates all sponsorship, grant and donation requests on set criteria. See Appendix A for more details.

A document outlining Manitoba Public Insurance’s criteria for support is available to members of the public on the corporate website (mpi.mb.ca).

The key criteria for providing support are:

Corporate Sponsorships – Community Support

  • To contribute to the quality of life of Manitobans.
  • To raise the profile of Manitoba Public Insurance as a corporate citizen that takes social responsibility seriously and acts on it.
  • To support Manitoba Public Insurance at the local community level throughout the province through the Corporation’s Service Centres.
  • To fund community initiatives that support Manitoba Public Insurance’s Corporate Values: Our Customers, Our People, Working Together, Financial Responsibility, Excellence and Improvement, The Community and Our Corporate Citizenship.

Corporate Sponsorships – Business Partnerships

  • To address needs related to Manitoba Public Insurance business interests, including claims, loss prevention, medical rehabilitation and industry partnerships.
  • To promote the Corporation, its products, programs, services and reputation.
  • To fund community initiatives that support Manitoba Public Insurance’s Corporate Values: Our Customers, Our People, Working Together, Financial Responsibility, Excellence and Improvement, The Community and Our Corporate Citizenship.

Manitoba Public Insurance does NOT provide support to the following:

  • National fundraising campaigns – although provincial chapters of national organizations may be supported if the money raised is used for initiatives in Manitoba.
  • Capital projects – although consideration is given to support fundraising events that raise money for the project.
  • Political, fraternal, labour, racist organizations and initiatives, or religious institutions deemed as places of worship, such as churches, temples, synagogues or mosques.
  • Individual or commercial pursuits.
  • Core funding (operational funding) for organizations.
  • Private companies.
  • Organizations that have a negative relationship with their employees, customers, communities or government.
  • Community club sports teams, including teams that involve employees or employees’ children or other relatives – however in-kind corporate merchandise for school or charity trips may be considered as a contribution in lieu of money.

Some requests that meet all the criteria may be turned down due to limited budget, lack of resources or time constraints.


These guidelines apply to funding currently provided through Corporate Sponsorships – Community Support, Corporate Sponsorships – Business Partnerships, and Special Risk Extension budgets.

The community contributions criteria are annually reviewed by the Community Relations Department and the responsible vice-president.

While reviewing the request, consideration is made regarding public perception, business partners, external resources, reputation of the requesting organization and direction from the Board of Directors and the Executive.

Focus of Support

Manitoba Public Insurance’s support focuses on specific areas related to the insurance business and driver licensing and vehicle registration, including:

  • vehicle insurance
  • traffic safety education and research
  • injury rehabilitation research
  • vehicle loss prevention
  • business partnerships

Evaluation of Application

All requests for support must be made in writing to the Community Relations Department at least 60 business days prior to the event or program when valued under $10,000, and a minimum of three months in advance when valued at $10,000 or more.

Organizations seeking funding are required to supply the following information:

  • organization’s name and contact information (mailing address, email address and phone number)
  • program or event name and purpose
  • geographic location
  • target audience
  • a descriptive overview of the event or program requiring funding and how Manitoba Public Insurance’s money will be applied towards the event or program
  • dollar amount requested
  • event or program’s business fit with Manitoba Public Insurance funding interests
  • type of support requested (corporate table, donation, grant, sponsorship, special event)
  • any other sources of funding
  • estimated budget for event or program
  • date(s) of event or program
  • deadline date for funding notification
  • description of recognition Manitoba Public Insurance will receive as a result of its support

Manitoba Public Insurance will evaluate all sponsorship, grant and donation requests on the following criteria:

  1. strategic fit (core business focus, community relations, business relations)
  1. organization/event/project
  1. ownership/leadership opportunity
  1. promotional opportunity
  1. execution/delivery of event or program
  1. value/budget
  1. employee involvement
  1. corporate hosting opportunity

Sponsorships that are valued at $10,000 or more are subject to additional assessment criteria, including corporate image development; name awareness and exposure; ownership and exclusivity; employee engagement; community relations; event execution and delivery; event location and timing; history and risk; event reach; and cross promotion and merchandising opportunities.

Evaluations of support are based on the following considerations:

Strategic fit

The organization/event/project is consistent with the Corporation’s mission, values, goals and objectives.

  • The organization/event/project appeals to a key target market.
  • The organization/event/project provides a unique, memorable experience and long-term benefits to Manitobans.
  • The organization/event/project raises public awareness and understanding of Manitoba Public Insurance’s role and enhances the Corporation’s image and profile as a good corporate citizen and community supporter.


The organization has demonstrated fiscal responsibility and effective management of funds received. In the cases where this may be in question, Community Relations staff will seek references from past and present sponsors of the organization.

  • The organization/event/project has clearly defined how the outcome will be evaluated and has agreed to share the results with Manitoba Public Insurance through a post-evaluation recipient status report supplied by the Corporation.
  • Manitoba Public Insurance understands the event’s/organization’s/project’s goals.
  • Each organization or associated event receives only one contribution annually from Manitoba Public Insurance.

However, the following exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis:

  • Initiatives and events held by organizations that are included under the umbrella of a larger cause already contributed to, such as United Way.
  • Initiatives and events that have exceptional public and/or staff support.


The event or project provides Manitoba Public Insurance with an opportunity to demonstrate its corporate citizenship. Considerations include:

  • title sponsorship availability for the event or leadership opportunities in the event or project
  • limited number of other sponsors, depending on the nature of their involvement
  • history of the event
  • Manitoba Public Insurance’s history of involvement in the event or project
  • potential for involvement over the long term


The event or organization has:

  • proven experience and success in event management, sponsor servicing, high attendance, media coverage and fiscal responsibility
  • a comprehensive plan in place to market, execute and measure the impact of the funded event or project
  • a willingness to tailor areas of the event or project to Manitoba Public Insurance’s business needs
  • an understanding of the potential impact on Manitoba Public Insurance’s operations, including a requirement for the Corporation’s staff resources to manage or execute the event or project
  • an understanding of time available for Manitoba Public Insurance to leverage the event


The organization/event/project has:

  • adequate funds and resources available to meet the needs of the event, including additional dollars for promotional support
  • an opportunity to promote the Corporation’s citizenship internally and externally (e.g. news conference, internal newsletter or website)
  • a sponsorship cost which is consistent with the perceived value being received by Manitoba Public Insurance
  • a cost-effective means of reaching Manitoba Public Insurance’s target markets
  • an opportunity for the Corporation to consider a multi-year agreement for significant dollar sponsorships that fits within the Corporation’s evaluation system

Employee engagement

The event/project is perceived to be of interest and importance to employees and can be used as a tool to enhance their morale and pride through volunteer or participant involvement.

Corporate hosting

Manitoba Public Insurance has the opportunity to host key business partners in an innovative business setting.

  • The event organizers assist in accommodating hosting opportunities.

Approval/Decline Procedures

Requests for support are responded to or acknowledged by the Community Relations Department within 30 working days. Exceptions are:

  • Requests by telephone or Internet, which may be turned down verbally.
  • Requests via mass mail-outs to a generic address, which require no response.

Contributions under $5,000 do not normally require a legal contract. The recipient may be issued a Letter of Agreement if the Corporation’s logo is used on signage and tickets, or if a corporate message is provided in public service announcements associated with the contribution. With contributions of $5,000 or more, the manager, Community Relations, will confirm the Corporation’s support and will arrange for drafting and execution of a legal contract to the recipients as part of the funding approval and payment process.

When a request for support is declined, the Community Relations Department will clearly state the reasons in a written response to the organization.

Where appropriate, the Community Relations Department will assemble a promotions package to support a sponsorship (e.g. a program ad, lending of company banners, donations of corporate merchandise - see Appendix C).

Donations In-Kind

As an alternative to financial support, the Community Relations department will explore the opportunity to contribute in-kind donations. The potential for in-kind donations is limited by the availability of staff, timing of request or other available resources. The opportunities include:

  • vehicle insurance when associated with the Corporation’s sponsorship of a major special event
  • use of Service Centres during non-business hours
  • space in employee communications to advertise special campaigns which Manitoba Public Insurance staff may wish to participate in
  • services of various staff for a variety of volunteer purposes
  • services of the Corporation’s professional staff (e.g. graphic designers, writers) for its promotional needs as part of the Corporation’s sponsorship of the organization

The Community Relations department will evaluate each request and consult with other departments where staff, services or facilities have been requested for support. The request will be handled within 30 working days of receipt of the request.

Costs for donations in-kind will be allocated to the appropriate division supporting the request. For example, advertising may make the services of its graphic designers available to a charitable organization wanting to develop printed materials.